Lawn Scarifier

Lawn Scarrifer for removing moss

Lawn Scarifier

£32.00 Per Day

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The CAMON Lawn Scarifier has a host of new features to improve performance and efficiency. The LS42 is now even better at ridding your lawn of thatch and moss. It is one of the only pedestrian scarifiers available with the ability to switch between a range of cartridges.

  • 1 Day: £32.00
  • 2 Days: £40.00
  • 3 Days: £48.00
  • 4 Days: £56.00
  • 5 Days: £64.00
  • 6 Days: £70.00
  • 7 Days: £76.00

Other Details :
  • Product : Lawn Scarifier
  • Code : #0291
  • Availabiltity : Available
  • Brand : Camon

The CAMON LS42B1 can be supplied with a choice of cartridges. Choose from the Lawn Scarifier fitted with 30 free-swinging blades, the Lawn Rake fitted with 30 springs, the Lawn Slitter fitted with 15 fixed blades, or the Lawn Renovator fitted with 15 renovation blades. Each cartridge is designed to produce outstanding results in different applications.

Technical Details
Engine: Honda GX160
Fule: Petrol
Product Weight: 68kg
Dimensions: L W H) 120cm x 59cm x 98cm
Power Output: 4.8hp / 3.6kW @3600rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.1L
  • John Maudrell


    Perfect for getting rid of moss on the lawn.

  • Chris Wilson


    The interchangable cartridges are cleaver idea.