Wood Chipper

Wood chipper

Wood Chipper

£55.00 Per Day

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CAMON's C50i Garden Chipper is powered by Honda's commercial quality Honda GX200 engine that is reliable, easy to start and maintain.

  • 1 Day: £55.00
  • 2 Days: £68.75
  • 3 Days: £82.50
  • 4 Days: £96.25
  • 5 Days: £110.00
  • 6 Days: £120.00
  • 7 Days: £130.00

Other Details :
  • Product : Wood Chipper
  • Code : #0290
  • Availabiltity : Available
  • Brand : Camon

This machine has a steep feed chute which ensures that the material you have placed within reach the chipping blade.

The C50i is remarkably compact when stored and is easy to transport thanks to its removable feed chute and retractable discharge chute. It also comes with handles on either side of the feed chute to allow for easy manoeuvrability, as well as puncture resistant transport wheels.

Technical Details
"/50 mm
Engine: Honda GX200
Fule Type: Petrol
Product Weight: 59 kg
Chipping Capacity:
Power Output: 4.8hp / 3.6kW @3600rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.1L
  • John Maudrell


    I used this on a large expanse of brushwood expecting it to struggle with the thick limbs. Instead it chomped its way down, mincing the branches and creating decent sized chipping.

  • Chris Wilson


    Handy for tidying up the garden and drive.