Air Mover/ Carpet Dryer

Air Mover/ Carpet Dryer

Air Mover/ Carpet Dryer

£16.00 Per Day

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This powerful three-speed, 2700cfm airmover is great in a variety of situations. This versatile piece of equipment is capable of drying at floor level with carpets or hard floors, up walls or up stairways.

  • 1 Day: £16.00
  • 2 Days: £20.00
  • 3 Days: £24.00
  • 4 Days: £28.00
  • 5 Days: £32.00
  • 6 Days: £36.00
  • 7 Days: £40.00
  • Three-speed operation
  • Powerful 375W motor and 2700cfm airflow
  • Can dramatically improve the effectiveness and performance of dehumidifiers
  • Daisy chain up to three units

Other Details :
  • Product : Air Mover/ Carpet Dryer
  • Code : #0295
  • Availabiltity : Available
  • Brand : Turbodryer

Pairing the airmover with a dehumidifier significantly reduces drying time, it helps dry rooms that may have been affected by flooding but it can also be used to help to speed up the drying time for walls that have recently been plastered.

Technical Details
Power: 375w
Item Weight 18kg
Airflow 4250m²/hour
Voltage: 240V
  • Colin Benson


    Great little blower. Not too much heat and doesn’t eat the electric like the bigger ones.

  • Rob Wardle


    The perfect energy efficent drying soloution to any good site.