Wallpaper stripper - 110v/230v

Wallpaper Stripper

Wallpaper stripper - 110v/230v

£15.00 Per Day

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These simple to use tools comes with a larger tank and as it only uses water to strip away wallpaper, it is environmentally friendly to use. It also has a cool-to-touch hose, overpressure safety valve, anti-discharge valve and an anti-suckback valve designed for your safety.

  • 1 Day: £15.00
  • 2 Days: £18.75
  • 3 Days: £22.50
  • 4 Days: £26.25
  • 5 Days: £30.00
  • 6 Days: £33.00
  • 7 Days: £36.00
  • Makes light work of big wallpaper stripping jobs
  • large and small steam plate for difficult area to access
  • Designed with a range of safety features
  • Durable and tough to last
  • Only uses water, enviromentaly friendly

Other Details :
  • Product : Wallpaper stripper - 110v/230v
  • Code : #0243
  • Availabiltity : Available
  • Brand : Earlex

To set up the wallpaper stripper simply fill the system with water from the tap. Once the heating element has warmed to the point of steaming it can be applied to the wall.The steam is super-hot and penetrates through the wallpaper to the old adhesive underneath moistening it enough to loosen the paper from the wall.Remove the wallpaper and if needed use a scrapper or stripping knife to lift it off the wall. Pull away the wallpaper and clear the wallpaper as you go as there will be a sticky residue on the wallpaper surface. Once all the wallpaper is stripped from the wall you are ready to apply you chosen decorative finish.

Technical Details
Product dimensions 230mm x 554mm x 382mm
Item Weight 7kg
Hose Length 5M
Item model number TE 6-A36
Power 2.75kW(230V), 1.76kW(110V)
  • Colin Benson


    I was in the same room for a few hours and i've shrunk three inches.

  • Rob Wardle


    Fantastic! does the job.